Power of Equality
Apirak Apijitchaichot



40 years


178 cm.


84 kg.


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My name is Apirak Apijitchaichot (Pinn). I am 39 years old. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated a Bachelor degree of Business Marketing in Australia. I flew as Flight Attendant with Qantas Airways for 2 years. Then I got a challenging position for developing a certified used car programme in Thailand with an automotive auction company as a Assistant General Manager. In 2014, I decided to leave to company and started my own business in Healthcare and Wellness Solutions. I am a very patient person. I always think positive about everything that happened. I believe things happened for good reasons even though they was terrible. They made me stronger and a better person. Once I learned from my coach said, say things that make people love each other. If there's anything that make people hate each other, don't say them. 10, 20, 50 or 100 years from now, even I no longer existed, the new generations will remember who I was and / or what I did to change the World a better place. Just like what I learned from the King Rama the 9th of Siam.

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