About us

Welcome to Mr.Gay World Thailand's official website. I am very honored to be elected as a President of this national gay activity.  

It was such a long way since I was born as a gay child. I have to thank my parents and my older sisters for never once made me feel different from other children. They believe in me and all my talents. That is why I have grown up as a very confident person. I was always chosen to be the leader of every activity when I was a student.

In 1993, I moved to the United States of America to persue my master degree in Hospitality Administration. I spent 11 years in Providence, Boston, and New York City as a student then a successful hotelier. I participated in several gay activities. That was how I learned a lot about gay pride and gay rights in that independent country.

I moved back to Thailand in 2004. I was crowned as Miss ACDC 2005, the most well known drag queen pageant in Thailand. I also co-founded gCircuit Party, the first international gay circuit party in Thailand by Thai people. The party is known as one of the biggest gay party in Asia.

Nowadays, I am well known as a gay event organizer. I always contributed some profit from my parties to a good cause.

I can say that Thailand is a very gay friendly country. Our country is known for its acceptance of LGBT people, who are every where in entertainment business. You can see annual transgender beauty pageant in national broadcast. However, the legal acceptance for LGBT is still limited such as gay marriage, housing, and discrimination employment. We want to have the law say LGBT people are protected and it is illegal to discriminate against LGBT people.

As the President of Mr. Gay World Thailand. I would like to encourage those of you who believe in equality to join us. You can be the winner and be our voice to fight for our rights. I hope one day we will see lady boys can become doctors or judges openly, gay wedding pictures in magazines or adopted children living happily with gay parents.

We are looking for you. The first Mr. Gay World Thailand.

Poomiphan Aiemporames