The Rules

As Mr. Gay Thailand you represent the LGBT / Gay community of the Thai Kingdom all accross the world. This is a big responsibility and therefore we recommend that you carefully read the following information so you can be well prepared and know what to expect.

This page covers two important sections. What we look for in an ideal candidate and also what the rules and conditions are for entering the competition. Remember, Mr. Gay World is a professional competition with international coverage. Therefore, the Mr. Gay World Thailand 2018 competition adheres to the highest quality standards, which are eplained below.

Rules and conditions

  1. Entrants must be:
    • - Over 18 years and under 40 years of age by the time of the Grand Finale in 2018. Valid documentation e.g. birth certificate or identity document reflecting proof of age must be made available to the organizers on request. Failure to do so may lead to immediate disqualification.
    • - Be a Thai citizen.
    • - Prepared to have your photograph published in the press; - Prepared to attend promotions for Mr. Gay World Thailand and sponsors from date of entry (not more than 5 or 6 are envisaged).
    • - Prepared to model in clothing supplied including swimwear and underwear.
    • - Sign a contract with Mr. Gay World Thailand once you qualify as a finalist.
  2. Entries must be accompanied by 3 photographs:
    1. one head & shoulder
    2. one bare torso in swimwear  
    3. one full length shirtless photograph in color
  3. Underwear must be unmarked. No Photoshop or altered photographs will be accepted – it must be as natural as possible. Studio photos are acceptable as long as it is not altered.
  4. All finalists must commit themselves to act as a representative of Mr. Gay World Thailand.
  5. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Prizes are not exchangeable for a cash value. The sponsors are responsible for prizes, not Mr. Gay World Thailand. You will have to request your prizes yourself, although vouchers will be supplied where applicable.
  7. The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever related to the competition before or after the competition or for whatever reason. Entrants enter the competition wholly at own risk.
  8. Contestants who do not comply with these rules will automatically be disqualified.
  9. Contestants give consent that their photographs, detail, names, identity, electronic likeness may be used by Mr. Gay World Thailand before and after the competition in media, website, internet or any other communications.
  10. The company will at all times endeavor that sponsors deliver prizes. However, Mr. Gay World Thailand cannot be held responsible for any prizes not delivered or not delivered on time.
  11. The organizers and main sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any contestant who brings the competition Mr. Gay World Thailand into disrepute in whatever way, refuses to carry out instructions or do not abide by the rules, stated here and/or stated during and after the competition.
  12. You must have a valid passport or be in a position to apply for a passport.
  13. You will be asked some questions on the entry form regarding gay rights issues. Think about it before you answer. You cannot Google it – use your own words. Your answer will be checked and if found to be plagiarized, you will be disqualified
  14. Independent judges will select the finalists.
  15. Mr. Gay World Thailand is not a beauty pageant; it is the quest for the ultimate gay male – A representative (one of many) of the LGBTI community. It is also the one that draws the most attention and you must be comfortable in your own body.
  16. The fun part – the winner will travel to represent Thailand at Mr. Gay World 2018.
  17. Contestants must pay a fee of THB 1000,- to enter the Mr Gay World Thailand competition
  18. Please note that the rules are strict and the competition is of a high standard.


Ideal characteristics of Mr. Gay World Thailand

  1. You have to be able to speak English
  2. You should be of a healthy body and mind
  3. Have a personal career, business or study in whatever field. Or, be actively involved in a humanitarian project.
  4. Be socially mature
  5. Have good communication skills which will include talking to media, TV and radio
  6. Be able to carry yourself in all company - gay and straight;
  7. Be able to travel to an extent of his availability and be an ambassador for the LGBTI Community in Thailand and internationally
  8. Be a Thai national with valid passport ready
  9. Intelligent - with a reasonable, general knowledge and a good knowledge of LGBTI rights issues and recent LGBTI events worldwide
  10. Are keen to be involved in the LGBTI community
  11. Feel like a proud gay male between 18 and 40
  12. Someone who enjoys life - who is friendly, courteous, and well-mannered and makes the best of all opportunities.