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Poseidon Hotel Pattaya

Our wide range of facilities and our utmost attention to the individual wishes and preferences of our guests makes us a truly unique hotel to stay, relax and enjoy the life of Pattaya.

The experience of staying at the Poseidon Pattaya hotel is very different from the many other hotels here in Pattaya. We serve delicious food from an extensive Western and Thai menu in our elegant restaurant. And to accompany the taste of an exquisite Australian steak or plate of Thai noodles is a broad collection of exquisite wines from our wine cellar.

We are perfectly located next to Pattaya beach and surrounded by many restaurants, bars and attractions.

A rich experience at a 3 star price

Stay with us if you want to enjoy a luxury stay in Pattaya with all your wishes catered to. If you're in for treating yourself to mouth watering meals, excellent wine, leisurely strolls along the beach, shopping and sight-seeing... The Poseidon Pattaya Hotel is your ultimate choice. We're already looking forward to serving you.