Proud to be
Anon Thongmak



32 years


177 cm.


68 kg.


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I love to exercise and build a healthy body. In the past, I lacked self-confidence. I felt like I did not fit in with "normal" people. But exercising and nurturing my body gradually started to make me proud of my athletic achievements. Now I enjoy going to the gym, where I am part of a nice crowd of people dedicated to their overall well-being. My wish is to promote self acceptance, and see people be proud of who they are. I used to work at a company where I felt left out, ashamed and became a target of gossip. So when I walked through the door of my next job, the first thing I told my new colleagues is that I'm gay. My colleagues welcomed me and we now have a very joyful work environment. There should be a space for all people who want to come out, but still have some hesitations. I would love to create an environment where they can meet with me, and we can all share our experiences with the many misunderstandings gay people still face in today's modern society.

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