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Worachai Kamguan



33 years


168 cm.


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I'm an Art Designer and make-up artist and I create food models. I've graduated as a movie Director and now I'm learning about acting. My message is to let go of fear and apprehension. The HIV infection rate is big issue for people all around the world. People don't want to face the issue, out of fear. They don't test themselves regularly and ignore what is often sound medical advice. But what we fear most, is that which we simply don't understand. Intimacy is natural but it's important to have a good understanding of the risks involved, and the widely available precautions. It is equally important for people to have a better understanding of HIV positive people, and that they live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives with the proper treatment. If we educate people on this issue, we can eliminate fear and get more people to engage in voluntary testing, thereby eventually reducing the risk of infection throughout the (LGBT) community.

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